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I'm John Morgan with the Bartow County, (Georgia, USA) Sheriff's Office. I've been involved with martial arts for (8) eight years and have reached the level of 1st. Degree Black Belt. I began my martial arts study with the Choi Kwang Do (CKD)system here in Cartersville, Georgia. I had only planned on trying it for only a few months, but I became addicted to the training. As years went by, I thought that the best martial arts school was Choi Kwang Do. Granted, I went through many instructors, but I continued to love the art. My goal was only to become a Black Belt.

One day, I went training and was told that the studio had closed. I was somewhat upset because the instructor at the time didn't give his students any reason for the closure. Wanting to continue my training, I decided to travel some twenty (20) miles to train at CKD Headquarters. This went on for about two weeks. I have had enough. There was no sense of direction for me until I went to see Master Roger Koo in January 1998.

Master Koo, Founder of Koo Self Defense International (KSDI) invited me to train in his studio in Downtown Cartersville, Metro Atlanta, Georgia, USA. My first class at KSD, Master Koo paired me up with one of his yellow belt, Michael Roberson (NO PROBLEM, I THOUGHT). Yes, it was a huge problem. Michael almost took my arm off !!! Talk about feeling the awesome power of Koo Self Defense, I truly felt POWER that I have never felt in Choi Kwang Do especially for a very low ranking student. It's not just the yellow belts who has that kind of hitting power, ALL of his students do !!! I knew then that this was the new training center for me !!!

Master Koo allowed me to join his organization while maintaining my current rank. The KSD training is great! Not taking anything from CKD, I enjoyed my time there, but I honestly believe that Koo Self Defense is better for me.

In my job as a Law Enforcement Officer, I believe that two good hand techniques, the round (hook) punch and the upper cut, and three good kicks, the knee kick, the front kick and the heel kick are all you need to be effective at street self defense. Thanks Master Koo for inviting me into your studio. Your training is outstanding!


Now that I have been training with Koo Self Defense since January 1998 with 216 classes to date (07/24/2000), I have enjoyed every minute of every class! KSD training is so unique. YOU WILL HAVE TO DO IT YOURSELF TO BELIEVE IT AND IT IS AWESOME !!!

My philosophy is to never let up. I try to give my best in every workout. There is not one session that goes by that I'm not thinking that each kick, punch has to be better that the last. Even though, I am 51 years old, I feel I need to be constantly improving. It's important to maintain that attitude, because once you start thinking you are the fastest or the strongest that's when you will start your downfall.

So, come join us at the Koo Self Defense International Headquarters in Cartersville, Metro Atlanta, Georgia and you will be gald you did!

VIDEO CLIPS Taken April 2002
Hands Power Drill Class - Add-on punches and strikes

John Morgan

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